Activity Books

These activity books are great at tracking your progress through chess and put you through a number of challenges to test your chess knowledge.
Bronze cover
The bronze activity book covers how to set up a board correctly to the rules of castling, looking for captures and checkmating with different pieces. There are lots of puzzles to keep you busy for a while! Once you have achieved your bronze status, you can move on to silver.

Now you are ready for the Silver challenge, over 40 pages of puzzles and mindbending tactics to get you on your way to being a real tough cookie in the competitive world of chess. You'll learn lots of exciting new chess concepts to sharpen your skills and help you take your game to the next level. You'll learn new 'chess-speak' and impress other players with your knowledge of pins, skewers, forks, discovered attacks, double attacks, overworked pieces, and learning to checkmate with two pieces working together. If you are interested in playing in tournaments, this is for you!
Silver activity book