Televised chess match against Grandmaster Vasily Syslov
Televised chess match against Grandmaster Vasily Syslov
ABChess is run by Sabrina Needham, who currently teaches across schools and clubs in central London and Wimbledon. The chess material here is designed for primary school children, but will also be useful for adults who know a bit of chess and would like to improve their basic knowledge. With chess, there are always so many new things to learn!

My Chess Journey
I started to learn chess aged 4, and began participating in tournaments aged 6. I competed regularly in weekend tournaments in junior competitions until the age of 11 when other interests took precedent over chess play.

During this time, notable achievements include being the first girl to take a London Junior title in a congress competing against 150 boys, and the youngest chess player to qualify for an official world title at the age of 9 (in 1981). I am currently ranked 32 in top female UK players on the English Chess Federation website.

Following a long absence from chess, I started playing chess tactics online in 2013 which renewed my interest in chess as it was rapidly improving my concentration and focus. I joined Chess in Schools in September 2014 and ran a community chess club in Pimlico for a year. I still participate in tournaments and club matches to keep up my playing strength, but my focus is more on teaching chess to others, which is highly rewarding. I really enjoy seeing children progress in their play and celebrating their achievements, especially their first win!

Teaching at the London Chess Classic event
Teaching at the London Chess Classic event